We, JS International Co., Ltd. is a global leader in automotive brake parts and has been re-emerging as a specialized auto brake parts manufacturer.

Determined to grow into a company representing Korea on the global arena, our efforts
are unsparing and ceaseless. In active technological partnerships with advanced parts
companies, we are supplying the best automotive brake parts to our customers with

But we still have plenty of room to grow and more to do to ensure we provide our
customers in the years ahead with superior quality. We’re strengthening our focus on
growing customer demand with our technological strengths.

Founded in 1999, as an automotive brake manufacturer in Korea, JS International Co., Ltd.
is growing a world-wide automotive brake specialist as well as traders in relative of all
concerned raw materials and service.

JS International Co.,Ltd will keep its promise to lead the global automotive brake parts
industry in the 21st century.

Thanks for your continuous interest and support.